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Member Benefits

Members of Alpine Education Association in Pleasant Grove, not only get the peer support you need as you progress along your profession as an educator, but you

also become entitled to exciting benefits from AEA and our partners: 


National Education Association (NEA)

Utah Education Association (UEA)

Horace Mann Insurance

EMI Health

Total Dental Administrators(TDA)

• EMI TeleMed Flyer      •  90 day prescription coverage EMI Flyer

UEA Access Discount Program:

Joining AEA gives you access to great discounts and deals available to UEA members. The UEA’s partners at Access Development provide an online

discount program with more than 200,000 participating merchants throughout the country. If you already have a UEA membership number, log-in now to

take advantage of Access discounts. For more information about Access discounts, click here. The new UEA/Access My Deals Mobile application

for iPhone™ and Android™ is now available for download!

Horace Mann Insurance:

Horace Mann offers a full line of discounts and special programs specifically for educators and their families. They provide:

• Annuities
• Auto Insurance
• Property Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Disability Income Insurance
• Mutual Funds

NEA Member Benefits:

• Life Insurance Programs
• Health and Disability Insurance
• Casualty Insurance
• Savings, Deposits, and Investment 
• Credit Cards
• Loan and Mortgage Plans
• Special Discounts
• Free Education Guides

PRAXIS Training Workshop:

Alpine Education Association wants to assist members who have a Level I Provisional Educator Lisence to be prepared for the test they have to pass to

obtain a Level II Educator Lisence.  AEA offers a PRAXIS Exam Training Session to provide these educators with information and study matirieals that

will help them prepare to pass the Principals of Learning Theory (PLT) PRAXIS Exam. 

AEA members can participate in this session for free, and non-members can participate for $50.00 fee. Interested teachers can sign up by emailing Teera.  

The next training is scheduled for THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2016 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.  We will also have one on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.


Political Action:

You can make the difference - because you live and vote in your legislator's district. And it's the job of your lawmakers

to represent you.


But they can't effectively represent your interests unless you communicate with them around the issues you care about. Your elected representatives pay

close attention to grassroots points of view expressed by their constituents, and take those views into account when the final votes are cast. That's why

YOU, as an informed and active constituent, can play the most important role of all in shaping legislation. Choose to make a difference by becoming an

active participant with others in policymaking. To find out more click here. 

                                      Contact your local Alpine UniServ office or the local Representative in your school to learn more.